A former Wu-Tang Clan studio worker and close friend of Ghostface Killah will reportedly receive $7 million from the state of New York after being fully exonerated for a murder he spent 23 years in jail for.

Grant Williams, was convicted of a 1996 murder in Staten Island, N.Y. He spent 23 years in prison for the crime, which he maintained he did not do. He was paroled in 2019 and successfully got his conviction overturned last summer. He proceeded to file a lawsuit against the city over his wrongful conviction. The murder case was officially dropped on May 19. On Monday (May 23), The Associated Press reported Comptroller Brad Lander has agreed to pay Williams $7 million.

"I'm glad it's over now," said Ghostface Killah, who was on hand for the recent announcement of the case officially being dropped. "It's like a ton of bricks being lifted."

“This will assist him in going forward and trying to get back on his feet,” Williams’ attorney, Irving Cohen said.

Williams was accused of shooting and killing Shdell Lewis in a Staten Island, N.Y. housing project. He was convicted on shaky eyewitness descriptions, one of which claimed the shooter was short and stocky. Williams is tall and thin. The prosecution also used a Wu-Tang Clan baseball hat left at the scene as evidence. However, the cap was never tested for DNA. Williams' new lawyers were able to appeal his conviction by proving that no DNA evidence existed that tied their client to the crime. They also brought forth additional witnesses who said Williams was not the shooter.

Williams also reportedly settled another claim with the state for $5 million and may file a civil lawsuit against the New York Police Department.

XXL has reached out to the New York City Comptroller for comment.

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