Did you find the hidden treasure you had no idea you wanted? What about that rare collectable? Did you find a Billy Bass singing fish? Did you see a piece of furniture and knew the perfect place for it. Right there, in your rec room just under the singing Billy Bass that you plan to modify to play your favorite radio station (don't worry, there are tutorials on YouTube for that).  Those types of items, treasures, trinkets, and all sorts of gems were up for sale at Yakima's Huge Yard Sale this past Saturday at State Fair Park.

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I lost count of how many booths and vendors there were. Some with their personal businesses and others just looking to "de-junk". Hundreds of people visited the sale in hopes to find something special. I saw a lot of people walking away arms full, others pulling wagons, and one lady carrying her purse, while her (I assume) husband could barley see over the pile of stuff he was holding. I can honestly say that I dropped at least $35, with in the first 10 minutes I was there.


No I didn't buy the Billy Bass, (mental note: don't bring your significant other while you shop) but I did get a couple of backpacks, DVDs and some amazing comic books. I walked away quite pleasantly surprised. As we were leaving, my wife pointed out that this was the first Yard Sale that we've been to since the pandemic. We picked a great one to go to.


This was the first year that the Huge Yard Sale was ran by the State Fair Park's crew, and they want your opinion on how they can improve upon it for the future. The weather was beautiful (until that hour long down pour), everyone was nice and friendly, and the parking (although got congested at times) was free, and (at least for me) pretty easy to get in and out of. If you'd like to take the survey, but didn't get a chance to scan the reader board they had in their booth, you can take it at State Fair Park Community Outreach Survey. Take a look at the photos below to get a taste of what the next Huge Yard Sale could look like.

Yakima's Huge Yard Sale 2022

Yakima's Huge Yard Sale was held on May 22nd and was attended by 100's of visitors and vendors. Take a look at our picture gallery to see what future sales may look like.

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