Covid-19 has taken more than lives, it's created new challenges for business. Some have thrived some have changed their hours and some, sadly, are no more.

Meraki Creations

This cute business had such exciting beginnings. A fresh menu offering delicious and hearty breakfasts, lunch, charcuterie, and incredible drink packages for special occasions. Opening at 1510 Summitview Ave there were so many plans, then Covid-19 hit. Being brand new the chance to apply for relief was not an option but owner Angie pivoted and found a new home with a brewery until she got her feet underneath her. Sadly, in the end, it was just too much and the business is no more. I have heard rumblings of a new spot that will feature all things cheese is on the horizon. More details to come.

Belu Salon

If you ever experienced Belu Salon, located in downtown Yakima, you already the level of fancy that was provided. The space was really cool and featured room after room of training, coloring, cutting, styling, and more. At the beginning of the pandemic, they closed their doors and let go of their employees while trying to figure out how to handle things moving forward. For a bit, it looked like things were working and just a week or so ago the announcement was made that Belu Salon, is no more.

Issacs Home Furnishings

Famous for their clearing inventory sales I was thinking this was just another big blow-out but unfortunately Covid has not helped this well-known establishment stay on its feet. They say goodbye earlier this year.

Gilbert Cellars Downtown Tasting Room (JUST THE DOWNTOWN LOCATION)

Bringing class and delicious wine to downtown Yakima, they used to feature all kinds of fun gatherings in the cellar but crowds and indoor events weren't really what we've been going for so after I am sure was a tough decision. Gilbert Cellars no longer has a space downtown but have no fear! The tasting room is now located at  2620 Draper Road in Yakima AND walk-ups of 5 or less are welcome if there are more then you'll need to book your pretty booty a party! Cheers!

Old Country Buffet

So many memories! This is actually the spot I finally realized my Mom is really funny. I have a very specific memory of waiting in line with the family and my Mom grabbed a fork that was all mangled, probably from the dishwasher, and she said, "man, this person must have been really hungry!" I laughed so hard and always smile when I drive past. It's a super bummer this staple is gone. I mean who can go wrong with a plate full of mashed potatoes and gravy with a cinnamon roll!

Royal Buffet

Located up on Summitview, this spot was a go-to when it came to Chinese Food. I liked the layout of that place and the food was so bomb. Sadly, I just found it from Kristal Benbrook, that on top of Covid-19 shuttering the doors of buffets the owner also suffered a heart attack and that was the reason for closing the doors for good. Kristal, her kids, and her Dad used to frequent this spot a lot.

Gasperettis Restaurant

Located on 1st street it was the last remaining fancy spot from the back in the day. Famous musicians, actors, and actresses dined there for years, there were cabaret nights and the crab salad was to die for! It seemed like possibly they were going to move locations and in the end, John decided to make the decision to close for good. Thank you so much for the memories. His floral shop is still open on Summtiview though if you want to pop in!

Studio Z

Located at 7200 Nob Hill BLVD sadly you'll have to Zumba elsewhere now.

The Lab

Newly announced you have until November 12th to grab your favorite dishes from The Lab as they will be shuttering their doors.

Friends and family, we can't express enough how wild a ride it has been at The Lab over the past year and a half. You've kept us open through Covid, and we couldn't be more grateful. With that said, we are going to be transitioning the Lab into a completely different and brand new concept. We're not telling you what that is yet, but we are so excited.

If you know of more businesses that deserve a shout-out please don't hesitate to let me know and I will update @sarahjthedj

Closed Business in Yakima 2021

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