When I mentioned that the Yakima City Council was going to give a final vote on whether or not to grant ride-sharing companies to operate in town, I did not expect the outpouring response! I asked you if you thought the city of Yakima should ban Uber forever, and out of 121 pollsters, 91% of the votes came in with an overwhelming vote for "NO". Only 7% of listeners said that they don't need a taxi, so it didn't bother them either way, and 2% of those polled said they absolutely want Uber to be banned in Yakima. I wonder if that 2% vote came from taxi drivers.

The city council did give the Uber the go-ahead, which paves the way for Yakima to eventually get other ride-sharing companies, such as Lyft.

So there you have it, y'all, in the city of Yakima, Uber stays! (Download the Uber app here.)

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