As quick as I say we are using too much digital and it's not connecting us I eat my words, in a good way! I came across a Facebook Group called Keep Yakima Clean and this Saturday they are gathering together to help do just that!

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It's a private group so you'll need to be added if you want all the updates but the basics are Saturday, January 30th, 2021 everyone will be meeting at noon. You'll park near Gordon road close to Berglund Lake, the yellow is where you will park.

I’m thinking we’ll meet right under the bridges. That’s the middle of the area. There is plenty of parking off to the side of the road and is towards the end of the road where there’s a cul-de-sac and very little traffic - Katie


Katie Jelinek
Keep Yakima Clean Parking January 30th, 2021

Here is the description of what will take place

This event is about getting the community together to help clean up the trash and debris around our city. All you need is a little bit of your time and to show up at the location. All materials will be provided for you.

If you are wanting to do this as a family just know that it's suggested children under 11 don't attend. There's the chance of finding items that could injure a little one but you are more than welcome to post your comments, questions, and thoughts on the page and members who run the page will try to get them as best they can.

If you already have plans for tomorrow and can't make it would you be so kind to share the info on your page? The more eyes that see this the better and the more beautiful Yakima will become. I hope this and every group willing to give back just keeps growing.

Not only has Keep Yakima Clean done this and one other clean-up they have also orchestrated three food and necessity hand-outs where they passed out clothing, blankets, food, and winter items.

Keep Yakima Clean

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