An internet scam that's hitting email boxes in Yakima could result in your computer being attacked by malware or hackers.

You may be curious but don't click on the link or start button

The email first thanks you for having your Honda Accord Sedan serviced at the local Honda dealership. However the email doesn't name any specific dealership in the valley. it reads;
"Your satisfaction throughout the Honda ownership experience is a responsibility that we take seriously and we hope to continue to earn your business.
At Honda, our goal is to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction. As a valued customer, your feedback is essential in assisting us and our dealers to improve the quality of the services we provide.
It is for this reason that we would like to hear about your experience at Honda. Providing your feedback will help us provide you with a better ownership experience.
Thanks again for choosing Honda for your service needs."

The last line in the email asks something you shouldn't do.

Please click on the Start button below to share your feedback.

Authorities say if you click on the start button your computer could be impacted by hackers who gain information when you respond to what's called a fishing email.
It's called fishing...because the scammers are hoping you'll bite by simply clicking on the email.

Another popular scam email could also impact your wallet.

That's the case in the phishing scam that's showing up in email boxes in Yakima in the form of an email that supposedly is sent from United Parcel Service. Like other scams that try and lure people through an urgent message the scam email says "our records indicate that a shipment addressed to you may have been fraudulently signed for" it goes on to say "in order to recover your shipment, we must ask you to review the following fraud report here." The scammers are hoping you'll click on the link so they can infect your computer with malware that will steal valuable information.
If you get the UPS fraud email especially when you aren't expecting anything from the company delete it. You can also report the email to

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