As I was planning what to say with my own event postponement, A Spring Awakening, my husband tagged me in a new Facebook group created just for Yakima ;)

It's called Yakima Distancing Connections: A Place to Connect During COVID19 Quarantine. Not even 24 hours old and it's already over 250 members and growing, plus it's private :) Cause we fancy like that.

People are hungry for connection and also ideas on what to do while staying inside and keeping a distance from others. What a sentence.

In case you don't have Facebook, I figured I would share some of the ideas on this page because they are pretty cool so far

There is a list for all the different locations for free meals for the kids impacted by the school closures that will begin Tuesday (March 17) and continue through at least Friday, April 24.

There is another cute group that has been created with a weekly Lego Challenge for all the Lego lovers out there.

Take a moment to peruse The Kind Project because paying it forward AND reinforcing this habit can go a long way

A list of lunch and snack ideas for the kids posted on the fridge, just in case they are old enough to fend for themselves - a good idea for everyone at this point. I want to eat all my snacks at once.

Starting Monday (March 16) MAKE is going to be doing a daily live and free class for painting. This could be a whole family type thing or just get the artist in the family ready for a new adventure

Another great idea, if you didn't know the Yakima Library will allow you to download books or check them out via their app while they are closed. This option is available while they are open as well. Do you have a library card? No worries, get one today!

Probably one of my favorite ideas so far is going on virtual tours of museums around the world.

Loads of board game ideas, including some I have never heard of before like Throw Throw Burrito and Blokus.

We've only just begun, so join us and add what your favorite thing to do when you've got down time is below.



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