A 17-year-old suspect arrested September 16 following a shooting and crash in Yakima in which three women were killed has been released from juvenile jail.
Attorney's for the teen who is facing a charge of vehicular homicide were able to convince a judge last week to lower his bail from $250,000 to $150,000.

Prosecutors say the teen is now on home confinement

Yakima County Prosecutor Joe Brusic says the teen is now on 'home confinement' after posting bail on Thursday. The teen suspect's attorney's told the judge the teen has mobility issues and can't access the necessary medications while in juvenile jail.

Trial has been set for November 7 for the teen charged with vehicular homicide

Another pretrial hearing is set for October 21 with trial in Juvenile court set for November 7.
Police describe the teen as a well known Yakima gang member who suffered a broken femur in the crash.
Also last week Yakima County Superior Court Judge Ruth Reukauf recused herself from the case after a comment from the Yakima Police Chief that he was upset the teen wasn't being held in juvenile jail at the time of the shooting and crash. The judge says she never had any contact with the chief but didn't want any misunderstandings so she recused herself from the case. Yakima Police say the teen should have been behind bars on an assault charge on an unrelated matter before the shooting and crash in Yakima.

As previously reported a shooting happened before the crash

Before the crash Yakima Police say people in two vehicles exchanged gunfire at the intersection of South 1st Street and East Yakima Avenue.
During the shooting a 21-year-old woman driving an Audi was shot and killed. The 17-year-old teen, who was a passenger in the Audi, pulled the woman into the back seat and jumped into the driver seat and took off eventually getting into the crash on Lincoln Avenue.
a 21-year-old female, along with her 52-year-old mother died instantly.
Authorities are still searching for the suspects involved in the shooting in downtown Yakima before the crash.

An investigation continues

The case is currently under investigation by the Yakima Police Major Crimes and Gang Unit, along with the Yakima Police Traffic Unit. Anyone with information, video, or may have witnessed the collision or shooting is encouraged to contact YPD at:(509) 575-6200.

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