Holy heaven above! When was the last time you drank something that had you smacking your lips and looking at your beverage like, "where did YOU come from?" It just happened to me and I can't wait to share my Lilac Lemonade recipe with you!

Did You Know Lilacs Are Edible?

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Yes, they are! I'd heard rumors and every spring I see this post going through my social media feeds about steeping lilac buds in a pitcher of lemonade. It looks gorgeous but what would that even taste like? The answer is, like how they smell! Incredibly floral with almost a touch of sweetness...but wait! There's more! I have two recipes and variations for you to try that will knock your socks off!

How to Prep Your Lilacs

If you already have lilac bushes on your property, you are in luck. Hopefully they haven't been sprayed with anything that could be harmful to consume, so be aware of that business before you proceed.

Snipping the bundles of flowers once they have opened actually helps produce even more buds next year so this is a win win. You'll want to rinse your lilacs and then pull the flowers off of the stems, leaving even the little yellow bit that is in the middle of the flower.

They are pretty delicate and this is time consuming but switch this activity with scrolling mindlessly through your phone or combine two things by listening to an audio book while you work, it makes the time fly. Might I suggest what I am currently listening to? Comedian Amy Poehlers, Yes Please.

You can actually freeze lilac buds, you can sugar them by adding some into a jar with sugar and giving a good shake everyday until you find stuff to put them on. I bet you could bake all kinds of sugar cookies, scones or  Ted Lassoesque biscuits, bake a lemonade lilac white cake with sugared lilacs AND lemon slices! My first attempt of many more it would seem but I must stay focused, I was here for Lilac Lemonade so let's proceed.

How to Make Lilac Lemonade

  1. Take a cups worth of buds or more depending on the size of your container. I used a left-over Bertolli Spaghetti jar, a great size to taste test!
  2. I juiced two lemons, you could certainly do more, and mixed this with water and the lilacs until it tasted tart but not overwhelming, then I let it steep for 24 hours.
  3. The lilac flavor works incredibly well with the lemon juice, giving off a delicious fragrance and also a light floral flavor that literally tastes like it smells! PLUS, the color of the lilac starts to seep out so you now have this gorgeous lilac and yellow mixture on your hands!
  4. The Secret Ingredient - I am cutting back on sugar so I have been buying Sweet Drops by SweetLeaf (you can find them at most stores) the vanilla flavor gives this almost creamsicle like texture and is amazing. Like so amazing, when I mixed it together this morning I had to bring the rest of it work. I shared with our front desk lady Emily and she LOVED it too! A must try!

Lilac Lemonade Variations

  • You could add this mixture to your Sungaze Lemon Lime Beverage
  • You could freeze it into cubes and make a slushy
  • You could freeze it into cubes and add to seltzer water
  • You could add it frozen or not into your Lemon Lime Zevia soda
  • You could make a Lilac Lemonade Vodka, Sparkling Rose, Margarita, Mimosa and more!

Lilac Lemonade Acai Bowl

  1. While I let the lemon and lilac steep I decided I wanted to make an acai snack so I measured out 4 ounces of frozen acai and blueberries and instead of water poured some of the lemon lilac juice with some lilac flowers into the blender and mixed until smooth.
  2. If you have a way to strain, it might be a good idea. At the bottom you'll end up with a VERY strong flavor of lilac with any little bits that didn't mix fully. Not horrible but awfully floral.
  3. Add in a squirt of the Sweet Leaf Sweet Drops Vanilla Stevia Sweetener and boom! You will be blown away at how wonderful it tastes! Like nothing I have ever had and it was SO satisfying!

I plan on going out to the garden everyday and harvesting lilacs for more lemonade and beyond! I will work on freezing them in cup portions and see how much I come up with! I imagine enjoying both the above treats often this summer if I can get away with it. Lilac season is pretty short, like two to six weeks, so you don't have any times to waste on harvesting. You can also try all these recipes with lavender as well! :)

Pro Lemon Trick

If you have not seen this trick on TikTok I can attest that it works. Place your washed lemons in a jar and fill it with water. Cover with a lid and you can keep your lemons fresh for months! They look cool in the fridge and a great way to not waste what you buy if you don't get to them quick enough! This also works for avocados too!

Lilac Bushes and Lilac Lemonade

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