We've all been there, you're home alone, a little on edge. You hear something that sounds like a gunshot. It could be a firework, we are in July after all, maybe it's a leftover from Independence Day, and your neighbor wants to wish everyone a happy 25th of July! Or, even scarier, maybe it's an actual gun shot. Maybe it is a drive-by. You hear a sound come from the kitchen. Your instincts kick in, and you shoot at your Frigidaire! All because of a soda that exploded.

It might sound funny, but that is kind of what happened to a Yakima man this past Saturday. According to KEPR News, the man was loading his fridge with cans of soda pop when one exploded. After hearing the sound, instincts kicked in and he pulled his firearm and shot at his fridge. After police arrived to the 700 block of South Naches Avenue, they found the man in the alleyway next to his home, with the gun laying in the street. He was taken into custody.

The Police Interview

During the police interview, the man said that he fired in self-defense. Claiming he believed it was his basement dwelling neighbors who shot first, the man returned fire. Police immediately ruled this out, since the house has no basement. When asked about the weapon, the man explained how he had found it on the Yakima Greenway. He was booked and is being held on multiple gun charges.

No word on if the fridge is still in working condition. For more stories like this, make sure to download our station mobile app!

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