K9 Trex is having some health problems and the Yakima Police Department is working to find out what's wrong. Yakima Police officials say he's having "significant medical issues" They say Trex hasn't been feeling good for some time and now say his condition is getting worse. The problem is that fact that doctors can't find the problem. Police say he's been seen at the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine along with visits several local veterinary clinics but still no answer as to why Trex isn't feeling good and isn't eating much. They continue to "struggle" to diagnose his condition despite having several tests and biopsies. Yakima Police say the treatment is expensive and they're hoping for help. K9 Foundation Yakima Valley is collecting donations. You can find information at https://k9foundationyv.org/

Trex has been gone through several treatments but so far no answers

Trex has been on a variety of medications and appetite stimulants but he's still down to 55 pounds from his ideal weight of 85.
Sadly police say his "appetite for food is gone for the most part, other than being hand-fed bits of rotisserie chicken."

Trex is going to back to WSU this week

Yakima Police Department officials say they're concerned and want answers to help him so they'll be returning to Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine this week for more treatment. They're hoping to soon diagnose and start directly treating whatever problem he is having.
Police are asking the public to keep K9 Trex in your thoughts.

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