Do you have items you'd like to donate to a great cause? I'm not just talking about clothes, no I am talking about everything from food to a gently used couch. Kitchen items you never use, painting or art supplies, rugs, books, even fake plants, baby clothes, sewing material, or a cool lamp or ladder.

To help out the most please have the items washed, they are hoping to receive items that are new or lightly used due to the fact they are not set-up to wash or repair everything. If you have an item you're not quite sure if they will take, feel free to call but if something is donated that they aren't able to use they will donate it to a bunch of different non-profit partners they work with that can.

The Union Gospel Mission is proud to announce they are about to have three locations to choose from. Their latest option is being fixed up in West Valley, located in the old Rite-Aid building however all three store locations are currently accepting donations of all kinds. There are no appointments needed to partake, they have set-up a contactless drop-off for your convenience but get this! After you drop-off your items, you can go inside either location and shop to your heart's content from items that others have donated. If you love finding unique items for your home or to gift to a friend this is an opportunity to gain something new while helping out the community. Everyone is winning when it comes to the Union Gospel Mission.

Monday-Friday 9 am - 5 pm and Saturday Lighthouse Thrift and Mission Thrift open from 9 am - 5 pm.

  • You can find them on social media @YUGM_THRIFTSTORES
  • Lighthouse Thrift located at 15 N. Front Street -
  • Mission Thrift 2011 W. Lincoln Ave - open for donations
  • Summit Thrift 5606 Summitview Ave. (accepting donations and almost ready to open for shopping)

The Union Gospel Mission's team works super hard to connect with the community and donating is a perfect way to create tangible dollars to help expand services in their adult shelter, adding new spaces, and assisting with their New Change Program, which helps those that are homeless and wanting to get clean and sober the tools they need to succeed. When they are ready to they will be taught skills to create a resume, interview, get hired, and keep a job along with shelter and more. It takes a village and your donation or purchase puts you right up in the mix of helping those that truly need it most.

There will now be the third location out in West Valley, inside the old Rite-Aid that is still being renovated but open for donations, as many, as you are willing to drop-off so before Spring even hits let's start some serious spring cleaning and give back for a great cause.

Everything the Union Gospel Mission does is about moving people from homelessness to wholeness

Autumn mentioned a worker had described homelessness like this. Most people get to carry their sins on the inside but being homeless you're wearing it on the outside and everyone can see it.

A lot of the struggle has to do with childhood trauma, mental illness, ex-military, and more. Don't count someone out because you don't understand their struggles, be a part of the solution and donate items you don't use or purchase a few items at the shop if you have nothing currently to drop off.

Below is the full interview with Autumn for the Yakima Union Gospel Mission.

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