So, you're looking for a job.  Below are local businesses hiring in the Yakima Valley that are a fantastic starting point for someone truly searching for a job. First things first, are you able to get to the said job on your own? If not, can you catch a ride with someone, ride the bus or walk?

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Pro Tips for Job Searching

Don't Ask How Much the Pay is over Social Media

Do Go in Person and Drop off a Resume

Earthwise Pet Yakima

Townsquare Media/Sarah J
Townsquare Media/Sarah J

Earthwise Pet is hoping to add a retail member to its team. Your duties would include; customer service, running the cash register, booking grooming appointments, learning how to properly do dog nail trims, cleaning, stocking, and unloading freight. You will also get the opportunity to learn about quality pet nutrition, and use that knowledge to help customers choose the best/food supplements for their pets. This is a locally owned and family-run business feel free to stop in and drop off your resume

Legends Casino Hotel

Photo By D-Rez/TSM
Photo By D-Rez/TSM

Legends Casino Hotel is hiring in Food & Beverage. Beginning Wednesday, November 2nd, and then every Tuesday and Wednesday moving forward with open interviews in the buffet between 10 am - 12 pm. They are looking for motivated individuals ready to join the Food & Beverage and will be hiring cooks, cashiers, and servers

Yakima Humane Society

via the Yakima Humane Society Facebook Page
via the Yakima Humane Society Facebook Page

Yakima Humane Society is wanting to hire a full-time Kennel Technician. Clean and disinfect kennels, toys, bowls, and blankets. Provide clean water and food for animals along with appropriate bedding and toys. Administer vaccinations and any other medical care assigned by our medical team. Complete all paperwork and documentation associated with the animals in your care

The Print Guys are hiring a Full-Time Cutter. They are looking for someone eager to work Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 3:30 pm with possible overtime. Please bring your resume to The Print Guys

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