After crunching numbers for 24-years Yakima County Assessor Dave Cook has announced he's not running for re-election and has instead decided to retire. Cook will retire at the end of his 6th term in December.

Cook says he's proud of serving people for so many years in office

In an email Cook says "without question, I’m extremely proud of the office and staff we have.  I have no doubt that they will continue the “business approach to customer service in a government office” that we’ve established and have built on over the  years.   In that context, and another element of continuing the same customer service levels,  a young man who’s been with me the entire 24 years I’ve been in the office has indicated to me that he’s going to run for the position."

A person in Cook's office has already announced he wants his job

That person, Jacob Tate has announced his candidacy for Yakima County Assessor. He's currently serving as the county property database coordinator but he want's Cooks job. Tate is expected to make a formal announcement about his future plans on Friday. Candidate filing week starts on May 16.

Cook says he plans to take it easy and enjoy family time

Cook says he plans to spend time with family. "My only initial plans, at this point, are to spend a considerable amount of time with my family and our two “brand new” granddaughters.  As you both know, those little ones grow up way too fast….and as a grandpa, I’m ready to do some "spoiling."

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