I don't know about you. But during this pandemic. I feel like I've packed on a few pounds. I mean an addition to what I already packed on even before the pandemic. I know I have a six-pack, under my rolls. But I know I let myself go a little bit more.

I have found my self at the gas station deli more after I leave the station. Getting a few extra pizza pockets. Even that pile of diet Pepsi bottles in my backseat was getting bigger. Next to the Reeces Peanut Butter Cup wrappers.

But I have found some self-control in the frozen vegetable aisle at the grocery store. Then I realize I'm getting some exercise just walking the aisles. Trying to remember to follow the arrows on the floor. While wearing my facemask and fogging up my glasses.

Even after leaving the grocery store. My appetite gets to me and the thought of a drive-through comes to mind. But just like the vegetable aisle, I have some self-control. Mainly because I remember that extra pizza pocket I bought at the deli.

Yea I know I've let myself go. I haven't looked at my scale for awhile. Well, I looked at it and I know where it is. Just using it is the problem. But the one thing that keeps my spirits up. Is every Friday morning Young Jeffrey has his song of the week.

All the things I mentioned. And what a lot of us might be going through. Adding a few pounds during this pandemic. Young Jeffrey puts into a song. With the "Quarantine 15" medley.

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