I don't know why, but tons of people searching Google for Young and the Restless wigs.

If you don't watch Young and the Restless, then we are on the same page and your guess is as good as mine. That show has been on the air since 1973 on CBS, but I have only watched a handful of episodes. More about that in a second, but first, I must ask you: Who the heck is Nikki Newman, and why is the gal wearing a wig?

Before you scoff at me for being so ignorant about The Young & The Restless, give me a break, buddy! I didn't grow up with a mom, grandmother or auntie who faithfully watched "the soaps". (My family was more of the "Family Feud" and "Perry Mason" type.)

I did, however, have a high school cosmetology teacher, Mrs. Patti Hornbuckle, who let us watch any soap operas we wanted to IN CLASS on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Those were our "Book Theory" days, so she let herself her students get away with watching the soaps and she told us to either read our Cosmetology textbook, study the textbook in groups, or practice acrylic nail applications on each other. She literally filed her nails and watched the show for the full hour during class. In hindsight,  I think she was a GENIUS!

I remember one time our high school principal, Dr. Elliott, stopped by our cosmetology class to see how things were going. He stopped by on a Tuesday. Whoops! We got busted watching Young & The Restless. He didn't yell or anything, but you could tell he was perplexed and shocked. He asked why we had the TV on in school.

Mrs. Hornbuckle was one crafty lady. Get this: She told Dr. Elliott that we weren't "watching" TV, we were merely "observing" the hair and makeup of the actors and actresses in order to give us some hairstyling ideas for our clients. He bought it, hook, line, and sinker. When he left the class, we all cackled like a big old witches den in laughter. Like I said before, she was a GENIUS!

I barely remember the name of Victor Newman, because he was the Susan Lucci of soap operas. He was on that YTR for fifty-eleven years*!

I am going to go on a limb here and take a wild guess that "Nikki Newman" is either Victor's grown-up daughter on the show or one of his many wives. (Wasn't he married several times on the show? How would I know, I didn't watch it. I was only "observing the hair and makeup"!

*Not a real number.

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