There's a lot of talk about firework and firework safety in the Yakima valley. I received a note from the Deputy State Fire Marshal Lysandra David about this matter. Here's a few clues that your fireworks may be illegal.

Top 10 signs that your fireworks may be illegal:
· They were not purchased from a Washington State licensed fireworks stand
· They were purchased through an online vendor, mail order, or a listing on OfferUp
· The person selling you the fireworks tells you they were bought in another state
· They are not packaged in brightly colored paper
· They do not have any safety warnings or instructions on the packaging
· The packaging does not indicate the country of manufacture
· It resembles a roll of coins with a fuse coming out the side
· It is wrapped with plain brown paper
· It is solid red, silver or brown in color
· It looks homemade (Wrapped in electrical tape, Fuse isn’t taped down)

They urge you to never take chances and to follow the three Bs. Be prepared, be safe, be responsible. Find out more at the WSP site.

Have a happy and safe fourth!

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