The White House has announced drought assistance for states in the west that continue to struggle with prolonged dryness. The Administration is announcing new actions and investments of more than $110 million to support workers, farmers and rural communities suffering from drought and to combat wildfires. The new funding ads to the more than $190 million already invested to support drought-stricken communities so far this year. The funding will help assist dislocated works who have lost their jobs because of drought, assist farmers dealing with drought, improving water systems and water efficiency and wildfire protection.

Trade Promotion Authority won Congressional approval Friday, but it was only a partial victory for the President and agriculture and a partial loss for organized labor. The House approved TPA and a customs enforcement bill, but rejected a key worker retraining bill—Trade Adjustment Assistance—needed to ensure TPA’s final passage. The Senate passed both as a package but House republicans separated them to try to entice democrat votes with the worker trade help…but the bid failed with most democrats voting no in a bid to kill TPA. The GOP quickly turned the tables and put TPA on the floor anyway, making a motion to reconsider Trade Adjustment help as soon as next week.

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