I'm a big-city girl, living in a small-town world. I grew up in a metropolitan area and had the nerve to complain it was too small. Living in this small neck of the woods in the gorgeous and relatively peaceful Pacific Northwest makes me yearn for a few of those "big city" things we are lacking in Yakima. Of course, I am beyond grateful for the best things about living in Yakima: the low(er) cost of living, less traffic, small-town community feel, living in proximity to outdoor activities, beaches and major cities (Portland, Seattle, Spokane), and fabulous radio stations (like MEGA 99.3, wink, wink).

If I had a genie in a bottle, I would wish for the following five businesses to be here in Yakima, then I might feel pretty complete!

  • 1

    Lucky Strike

    USA Today says that this place is a “bowling alley for the new millennium". Sign me up! This place has multi-levels of fun, including a fine dining restaurant, dance club, glow in the dark bowling, and a great ballroom that brings in top notch comedians. After 9pm, it's strictly for the grown-ups!

  • 2

    Chuck E. Cheese

    It's the place "where a kid can be a kid" and a parent can lose their ever-loving mind. But having a Chuck E. Cheese's in Yakima would make me jump over the moon. It has everything parents need to satisfy their child's need to run around and scream like a lunatic while winning prize tickets. The best part of going here is watching your kids be confused and mesmerized by dancing mice, gorillas, and the other assorted mechanical beasts, as they "sing" the greatest watered-down hits you've ever seen. I love it when one of the animals gets broken and dances in the "stuck" position.

  • 3

    P. F. Chang's China Bistro

    The nearest P.F. Chang's restaurant is at least 67 miles away from Yakima, and that's just not fair! I love their lettuce wraps! Actually, I don't know if they still serve them; it's been nearly 10 years since I've been to a P.F. Chang's! I miss it so much!

  • 4


    My best friend hipped me to this gold mine years ago after my father had passed away. I was grief-stricken and sullen every time I drove up to Seattle for some "fun". She suggested I try acupuncture as a form of healing. There was a place she had tried out that offered acupuncture on a sliding scale-based fee. I ended up getting high quality acupuncture for just $15! The acupuncturists performed the service on patrons in a large open "community" space. It helped me out tremendously. I wish there was a place like that here in Yakima! I would go there all the time!

  • 5

    Martini's & Manicures

    They only charge 10 bucks for a drink and a manicure! That is unbeatable and we need one of these places in Yakima-STAT!

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