Have you ever needed a mediator?

a person who attempts to make people involved in a conflict come to an agreement; a go-between.
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There is a serious need for all kinds of mediators. Did you know some mediators need translators? If you already speak the language it seems like an interesting possibility to make some money that maybe you haven't thought of before.

  • There is a facilitated mediation where both parties are encouraged to look at the deep interests of the other and come to an agreement without the mediator prompting with their own suggestions.
  • Court Mandated Mediation is supposed to be voluntary but occasionally the courts will mandate mediation to assist in reaching a speedy and cost-effective decision
  • Evaluative Mediation is where the mediators listen and do provide opinions in regards to the legal arguments to determines some fairness
  • Transformative Mediation sounds like an out of body experience and maybe for some, it is because it involves empowering disputants to resolve their conflict and provides confidence to recognize what the other is needing.
  • Med-Arb is when mediation is done in writing and is usually binding
  • Arb-Med brings a trained, neutral third party in to hear disputants’ evidence and testimony in an arbitration; writes an award but keeps it from the parties this process helps to remove misuse of confidential information
  • E-Mediation might be exactly what the below training is about because it involves basically social distancing while mediating

Now that you have the basics for all the different types of mediators you might be asking yourself when would I get to the point of needing mediation?

When you can't figure out the solution but don't want to take it to court just yet. It's less expensive and sometimes much fast. If this seems like something that interests you, please know that

In September, the Dispute Resolution Center of Yakima and Kittitas Counties is offering a Basic Mediation Training where trainees will receive 40 hours of instruction in the skills necessary to serve as a neutral third-party mediator, including hands-on experience in mediation and invaluable communication and listening tools that can help in every aspect of people’s work and home lives. For more information, call the DRC 509-453-8949, email Michelle at training@drcyakima.org, or go to drcyakima.org.


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