Needing to get out of the house? There are plenty of places you might have forgotten about and some REALLY fun ways to go about it.

What to Wear

You could play a game where you both head to the Goodwill, set a price, and pick each other an outfit for date night!

What to Eat

If you do want to stay at home you still can keep it fresh by playing a game of chance at the store. Go down the aisles and take turns. One person has their eyes closed and is sweeping their pointer finger at different items. When you say stop, whatever you're pointing at goes into the cart! Go back and forth until you've got enough sweet, salty, and satisfying to cover your night.

Where to Go?


Take it to the green. You don't have to be a great or even good golfer, it's about getting out and having fun. There are plenty of places around town to choose from and if you want to grab a bite and swing the view at Apple Tree Golf Course is stunning and the food is spectacular.

Game and Grog

Located at 118 South 1st street they are open evenings starting at 5 pm and go until about 2 am. Maybe you feel like playing battleship, maybe you'd rather sing karaoke.

Drink'n Games

Located at 509 West Yakima Ave this spot is for anyone who loves a good arcade game. You can grab drinks and challenge each other to all types of games.


El Fuego Margarita Bar on 48th Ave has got every single type of tequila and fancy drink you could imagine. Not sure if you're interested in remembering your first date or not but this would definitely break the ice!

Roll Your Way to Fun

You could check out the local ice rink or hit up Skateland. I've thrown and a birthday party there and rented out the space, totally worth it and SO much fun!

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