This morning I noticed ash on my car and as I stare out the studio window I can't see Autanum ridge. Today's a bad day in terms of air quality and not gonna lie, the headaches and heavy eyes are taking a toll on my mood, you?

Currently, the Schneider Spring Fire is one of the main reasons we are dealing with extra smoke. The air quality in the Yakima Valley is ranging from 130 to 242, very unhealthy, so if you don't need to be out. Please stay indoors. Sending positive vibes to our firefighters. If the smoke is bad here, I can't imagine what it's like closer to the flames.

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That being said, you might have run out of ideas to keep yourself occupied so I figured I would give you a few ideas to help pass the time.

Val Kilmer, Jim Morrison
Kevin Winter, Getty Images / Tri-Star Pictures / Central Press of Hulton Archive

1) Catch Up on Shows

Have you had a chance to watch Val Kilmer's documentary? Pretty awesome, he filmed behind-the-scenes type stuff throughout his career and really was ahead of his time when it came to that. His Mom was asking, "but can you hear me while I am talking?" You've seen; The Saint, Tombstone, Top Gun, Willow, Batman Forever, The Doors, The Ghost in the Darkness, and Heat, correct?

Spring Cleaning

2) Pick a Room. Any Room

I'm pretty positive you have a room or closet that holds your, "junk." The spot where all the things you're not quite sure what to do with go to sit for an infinite period of time. This is a great time to clear it out. Set out three piles; one to keep, one to donate, and one to throw away. You don't even have to tackle it all at once if it's too much to handle. My Mom suggests one box or item a day until it's taken care of.

Epic Records
Epic Records

3) Learn a Language

Recently I've been hooked on the app Duolingo. I'm learning Spanish on the free version and have gotten pretty competitive. If you practice every day you rise in the ranks of the thousands of other people learning the same language. It's been really fun y muy bien! Can you beat my 30-day streak?

Fox 2000 Pictures
Fox 2000 Pictures

4) Stay Out of Trouble

This one comes from D-Rez. He even added read a book on finances or make sure you are drinking enough water. With more downtime, you might feel the need to sneak on that ex or start up a group chat where trash talking begins. There is NO need to bond over shared trauma so make the change and treat your fidgety mind and fingers to something new instead of the same old activities.

chocolate chip cookies
Sarah Johnson

5) Bake Something

You could look up a recipe for dog or cat treats, maybe you've always wanted to try and bake bread or if you've got a sweet tooth, I have a kick-butt chocolate chip cookie recipe you can try :)

6) Crafting for a Great Cause

I just received info from Yakima's Habitat for Humanity, they are hosting their upcoming recycle and repurposed art auction next month and you could enter a piece! It technically doesn't need to be something recycled so really go for it for a great cause!

7) Go Through Your Photos

We all have thousands of pictures we take on our phones. Some should be printed out and some should be deleted. You have some time and there are a few ways to receive free photo books online or major discounts.

Bonus Idea 

Rearrange the house. There's nothing like a new rug in the living room or moving the bed to another wall. It's like living in a new spot and being that we're living indoors more than ever, now is the time to start creating an indoor oasis.

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