This is the first time I have ever shared a picture of what my stockpile actually looks like. Mainly because I don't think it's that impressive...and it's never organized when I think about taking a picture!! So organized or's my food storage anyway. I'm lucky enough to have a shop on our property that has it's own room...aka..."my happy place", just for food storage!! In this room, I have a 3 month supply of things I use consistently. I don't have a huge supply of food right now because we are in the process of completely changing our diet and all the food in here has to go (more info. to come on our new changes soon). My husband also built me a storage shelf (the last picture), which is where I store my longer term food storage.


After I read Aubrey's post from a couple of days ago, Stock Pile Sanity: When Enough is Enough, I thought I would share my secrets in balancing the juggling act of food storage, couponing, and finances.

Secret #1 ~ I hate couponing!!

Yup, this coupon blogger just said it...and I'll say it again....I hate couponing! It has nothing to do with obnoxious cashiers, sold out newspapers, or the hours put into planning and organizing only to see the shelf wiped out when you get there. Oh has everything to do with that ;). But do I still think it's worth it...YOU BET! It's a great way for families to stock up on items they need without having to go over a budget! But I also won't coupon if I don't have to. So I like to take a couple of months to stock up like crazy, then take a few months off. I actually haven't couponed in 4 months because I'm just using what I have in my stockpile.

Secret #2 ~ I never buy more than I need!!

I'm not a fan of clutter, so if I don't need it, then I won't buy it. So how do I know how much I need?? I created an excel sheet of items my whole family will use in a year (yes time consuming but worth it since every family is different). Then, once I've stocked up on my year supply for one item, I move on to the next. Easy peasy! I've uploaded this excel sheet into google docs if your interested in checking in out. It's all of the non-food/emergency items we use in a year. Here are some examples...
- Deodorant 6/adult
- Toothpaste 24 for my family of 5
- Toothbrushes 24 "
- Tampons 12 pkgs/user
You get the point :)

Secret #3 ~ I use CASH!!!

Ok, it's not much of a secret, but it's true! It's really the BEST way to stay within a budget! It keeps me in check for sure! Don't do this??? You should try it!

Now on to my stockpile! If you'd like to see the pictures, click here.

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