This weekend -- Saturday to be exact -- it's the unveiling of the new and improved headstone for the talented artist Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes. Her family will be in attendance, so please mark your calendar for Saturday (Nov. 9) from 4-6 p.m at Perham Hall in Zillah if you would like to show support. Reesha will be hosting this special event.
A member of the group TLC, Lisa has been gone for almost 20 years. Her life was tragically cut short in a car accident while on a spiritual trip in Honduras in 2002. Today I got the chance to ask her sister, Reigndrop, some questions on what it was like growing up with Lisa, and she delivered some really fun stories.

From the bottom of my heart, Reigndrop and family, thank you for continuing to carry on the legacy of such a talented individual. She changed the lives of those who met her and continues to reach people through her music and your foundation.

I asked Reigndrop what one of Lisa's favorite songs was, and she mentioned at her funeral they had played "Mary Mary's Shackles." She knows her sister loved that song because of the message: breaking free of your chains.

Though it was a tough upbringing it also sounds like some incredible memories were created. R.I.P, Lisa.

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