The link is now live to purchase tickets to psychic medium Melissa Henyan and Sarah J's first event coming this March!

Welcome to RAISING YOUR VIBE! We are so excited about sharing some knowledge and insight with you over the course of this three-hour event, which was designed to assist you in raising your vibration so you can connect with your own guides and identify how they work with you. Please dress comfortably. Yoga pants or sweats and tennis shoes are encouraged.

We will begin the afternoon with a meditation to bring us inward and assist us in connecting to our higher selves, through massage therapist and local Reiki master Amanda Evans. As we proceed, Melissa will assist you in identifying your guides. She will also give a mediumship demonstration, bringing many of your loved ones through to share messages and validation of their lives.

We are also giving you an amazing opportunity to capture orbs! Yes. There will be a photo station set up so you can stand and invite your team of loved ones and guides into your energy, while photos are being taken. You might just have to see this to believe it.

Oh goodness, did we mention crystals? You will receive preselected crystals, too, and we’ll discuss how these crystals can assist you in your life. There will be light appetizers, and so many giveaways during the event -- even an opportunity to win a group reading, at your home. You will also receive a journal to capture your thoughts moving forward.

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