I visited St. Louis for a few days this past year. When I was there I was invited to try a few of the local foods. One of them was something they literally call ooey gooey butter cake. It's a flat, dense, rich cake -- kind of like a cross between a cookie and a cake with a lemon bar consistency. But there's more to it. It was fantastic and I saw there's a company that's making them for national distribution.

I was at the gas station by the firing center in North Selah (just off the exit) when I saw these on the shelf. They even mention St. Louis! I bought one. Sure, they're not as legit as the real stuff, but not bad for what it was.

I'm glad I saw them. If you happen to see them, pick one up! They're totally decent and, in my opinion, better than most stuff on the shelf.


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