Not only is March 14th international PI day but it also happens to be the birthday of none other than the world's smartest man, Albert Einstien. Why not celebrate with some of our favorite pies around the Yakima Valley?

Look no further because this is a list of our favorite bakeries, and dessert places with the best pies in all of Yakima Valley, if you think we missed somewhere better that deserves to be on the list, shoot us a message and we'll make it right!

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4.) Doolies kitchen on West Nob Hill

They don't necessarily make pies but they have some amazing choices that give them the number 4 spot on the list. Doolies kitchen has an array of different baked goods from cookies, donuts, energy bars, bagels, and sandwiches. However, my favorite thing from doolies is their turnovers which are basically portable pies. They have a full arrangement of different flavors like apple, blueberry, peach, and cherry turnovers. If you haven't had one before it's literally a travel pie, easy to take with you wherever you're going.

3.) Little Bake Shop at Johnson Orchards on Summitview

Johnson Orchards is just that, a large orchard with fresh fruits as far as the eye can see, but in the heart of their orchard is the Little Bake Shop, where they make pies with the freshest fruits you'll find, each bite is a little piece of heaven on your tastebuds.

2.) Jenny Mae's on 16th Avenue 

If you're looking for some of the best pies that everyone can enjoy Jenny Mae's is a place you have to check out. Jenny Mae's proves time and time again you can have amazing baked goods and they don't have to be made with gluten or soy. That's right all of Jenny Mae's pies are gluten-free and I bet you won't even notice the difference. Made fresh and it's so delicious you'll find yourself wandering in again to try everything else on their menu.

1.) Viera's Bakery & Deli on Lincoln Ave

My go-to spot for baked goods, donuts, cookies, bread, and of course pie. Viera's specializes in freshly made baked goods daily, everything I've tried off their menu becomes my new favorite. Without a doubt, in my mind, this place has the best pie you can find in Yakima.

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