We have a winner and her name is Rosalea Froehlich of Yakima!

indulge with every attention, comfort, and kindness; spoil

Here's what her hubs had to say about her

My wife Rosalea. Shes so amazing, selfless, loving shes everything to our family and we could never repay her for everything she does for us. Shes has chronic pain and multiple chronic illnesses some days she just wants to cry i feel helpless but she just keeps going. She takes care of out kids we have 3, 16 14 and our 5 yr old is autistic and has really bad kidney problems and is on meds has had surgery and my wife is there through all the appointments for Shayden makes all of out appts, cooks grocery, shopping, takes care of the house and even has 2 paper routes that she does 8 hours a day 7 days a week even takes our youngest with her because she always needs to be with mommy she freaks out if she isnt around mommy is her safe place. She has so much on her shoulders idk how she does it being disabled herself and always with our disabled child on her hip. She has to take on so much also because i only work part time and used to struggle with addiction so i wasnt around much now im going to meeting and classes im still not home to help as much as id like to be. Whenever we get some "extra" money i tell her to go do her hair or nails but she always finds some othrt place to put it like bills or hair stuff for the girls, extra learning material for shayden helping her mom out. Point is shed rather do for everyone she loves instead of something i know shed love to do for herself but wont i dont know anyone more deserving than her. She does so much and i could never show her how much we appreciate it, ill never be able to repay her and she does it with a smile on her face grits through the pain and struggles just keeps going. Id love, well we all would love to see her be able to do something for her we couldnt survive without that strong stubborn woman and she deserves to feel good about her self. Please please please pick her! Thank you so much, Michael.

Yes, yes, and yes! We ALL need a bit of pampering. Not just the females or the front line workers, our teachers, and our husbands but the single folks and the elderly. Every single one of us deserves good pampering and today we will find out who is going to get to enjoy February's Beauty Bundle from Studio 16 Salon and Spa.

It features $100 to enjoy your choice of services at Studio 16 Salon and Spa, it includes gorgeous floral covered Aveda Boxes filled with a travel kit, lotions and lip balm, you'll be treated to a gift certificate to Simply Crafted Floral, a locally made Rooted Candle with a wood wick (the best kind of wick) and a chance to spend a gift certificate at the Yakima Shipping Shop featuring so much more than all your packing supplies.

Studio 16 Salon and Spa has been reminding me the importance of self-care. Booking yourself a facial at the change of every season, instead of continuing to use a facewash that strips away all my essential oils because I like the way it smells, step-up my game and lavish my skin in the correct wash for my skin type. I never would have known had I not gone in for an appointment and I want you to nominate the person who is most deserving of some pampering and if that's you, then go ahead and tell me your story. During the show today I will be reading submissions and then at 2 pm this afternoon the winners name will be drawn.

Don't miss your chance to give the gift of self-love to someone who truly needs it today!

February's Beauty Bundle

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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