The heat is on! Congratulations we have made it past Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial kick-off to summer and with it the temperature outside is beginning to soar! Officially Tuesday, June 21st 2022 is when summer hits us but it's always a great idea to prep and be mindful of a few things.

When temperatures outside range from 80 degrees to 100 degrees, the internal temperature of your car can reach a scorching 130 to 172.

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Planning Ahead

I know there are a lot of people who LOVE bringing their pet with them on trips to the grocery store and beyond. PLEASE, be mindful of what the temperature is outside currently and the high for the day before you embark on your journeys. Time can get away from you and that 15 minute trip begins looking more like an hour and meanwhile your animal is slowly cooking to death.

Was that too harsh? I don't think so. Our animals are helpless and need us to make the right decisions and those decisions include keeping your animals at home. Making sure they have a full water bowl and shade to relax if they need to be outdoors.

I've seen great ideas like kiddie pools filled with ice, or even ice blocks with frozen pet safe treats inside for them to work through while you are away.

What's the Weather Like Coming Up?

Via Accueweather 622022
Via Accueweather 622022

Thursday, June 2nd 2022 High of 81

Friday, June 3rd 2022 High of 75 with rain showers

Saturday, June 4th and Sunday, June 5th 2022 High of 71

Monday, June 6th 2022 69

Tuesday, June 7th 2022 74

Wednesday, June 8th 2022 76

Thursday, June 9th 2022 79 and cloudy

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