If it was common sense everyone would use it right? STOP leaving your animals in the car when you run your errands. The weather is beginning to get warmer and even though it might be a cool 68 outside the car, it can reach 90 inside super quick.

Recently there was an incident in Yakima that is being shared on social media WTF is Happening in Yakima and the Yakima Humane Society about a family of animals that was left in a local car and suffered the consequences of the owners horrible decision. Two puppies passed away due to heat exposure and this is just unacceptable. Why are you carting puppies around while you run your errands anyway?

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Yakima Humane Society
Yakima Humane Society

The Yakima Humane Society Post

PSA: temperatures are climbing and a vehicle is no place to leave your pets. Today the thermometer read over 90 degrees inside the car and this momma and baby were locked inside with no air, no water and no food. Unfortunately when our ACO entered the vehicle, 2 babies had passed. We are thankful Moo and her momma are safe in our care.


True and Sad Story

I was probably 14 years old when my beautiful guinea pig Cinnamon passed away. We were heading over the pass to visit family and stopped to eat at Old Country Buffet. It was a hot day, I was concerned but Dad said cracking a window should do the trick. No, it was not the trick.

We got back to the car and poor girl was all sweaty and disoriented. I took her out and held her, trying to get her cooled off but as we neared Whistlin' Jack Lodge area I was horrified to discover that not only has Cinnamon passed away but she started to get stiff!

We tried to revive her in the river but it was no use. She was gone and it was totally our fault. We held a ceremony for her once we arrived to our destination but that moment has always stuck with me.

Do Not Leave Animals in Your Cars

Find a friend, leave them in a crate at home, make a plan but whatever you do DON'T bring them with you from now until it begins to get cooler.


People abuse animals, this is a fact. If you know about it, you have got to report them. It takes a village to care for those that can't care for themselves and there is just no excuse. PLEASE be more careful and report, report, report!

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