I read a comment the other day on social media about someone's recent trip to their favorite coffee stand. They were asked while ordering their coffee if they wanted a lid. It seems like an obvious yes BUT the reason for the question is because of the new laws in Washington State that became active on January 1st, 2022.

So before we dive in, a gentle reminder to please be kind to workers, they are just doing their jobs as best they can.

Plastic Utensils, Condiments, and Lids

Now, you will need to specify if you'd like to have one-time use forks, straws, lids, and even condiment packets. This might work in the favor of some of the fast-food spots that are notorious for NOT adding your extras, even when asked, but sometimes you don't need these things to cut down on waste. Make sure you know what you're wanting and ask and check your bags before you go or you might not get any of it.

New Minimum Wage

The cost of living is going up and very slowly so is the minimum wage, $14.49 an hour is a new high from last year's $13.69 for 16 and older. The younger group ages 14-15 will receive a new high of $12.32. Seattle is a bit higher than the rest of the State.

Ban of Native American Mascots in Schools

You will no longer be able to purchase items with Native American logos and names used in public schools. Native American schools are exempt from this law.

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