Now that you've clicked on this, you must choose at least one answer. No skipping on this one!

The theme is "LET'S PARTY!" and the 2017 Central Washington State Fair aims to ensure you're gonna party like you're 125 years old. (Well, the fair is celebrating 125 years in Yakima)! The fair begins Friday, Sept. 22, and ends Sunday, Oct. 1. For more info on the fair, click here.

You know me, I always give the side eye when I see the lineup for the fair because I am not a country music fan, and this town is all about hearing them some good ol' country music. *groans* I will say that last year, I was VERY excited to see Boys II Men (again). The last time they came to the state fair in Yakima, my daughter was still an infant, and I remember how hard it was to enjoy the concert schlepping around a stroller and a crying baby (plus it was raining). That was six years ago.

Being my usually cynical self, I was all set and ready to give this year's fair lineup the complete side eye again, especially when I heard country artist after country artist being announced as performers, but then my boss told me EN VOGUE was coming! I think I literally jumped out of my chair and cheered!

I heard a rumor through the internet streets that there is one more exciting act left to be announced. I tried to get "THE TEA" from my boss, who knows all the secrets, but he referred me to the State Fair Park website. *scoffs* I'm just trying to get ALL the gossip, man, THAT'S WHAT I DO!!

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