Welcome to summer, land of sunshine, and long gorgeous days. I noticed the heat is finally starting to creep into the 90-degree territory so I wanted to remind everyone how important it is to not park and then leave them letting sitting inside the car, it gets super hot super fast and is not good for them or anyone really.

Part of beautiful weather is the chance to take our furry friends on walks. Early morning and later in the evening are ideal, being that mid-day is when the heat is really getting everyone.

Making sure that you are getting enough water is important just as much as it is for your pet as well.

Ice blocks are a great way for them to cool off or even bringing them inside if the sun is directly over where they normally hang out but what about those paws of theirs. They seem strong enough to handle pretty much anything but wouldn't that be horrible if you went on a walk with your pet and didn't realize the heat from the sidewalk was burning them? Have you ever even thought about just how hot the cement can get?

Today's high is going to reach about 92, Tuesday we are looking at 97, Wednesday 89 with Thursday back to 92 and wrapping up Friday with a high of 97 again. Are you ready?

I received this tip from the Yakima Yakima Humane Society and it's always stuck in my head as a reminder to pay attention to the little things that our pets can't be vocal about.

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