Spring is in the air and soon so will be the wonderful smells of barbecuing in the backyard. Whether you're a Trager lover, charcoal, or propane we can all agree on one thing, nothing's better than a tasty cookout.

But sometimes we like to just sit back, relax and try some of the best barbecues we can find. Lucky for you we've trained our tastebuds to find the best bbq spots in Washington just for you.

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5.) Longhorn Bbq in Milton Washington

If you're ever on the west side and looking for some of the best ribs in Washington you have to go check out Longhorn Bbq, it originally opened up in auburn Washington but found a new home with plenty of room to make your favorite dishes. They don't just stop at ribs, they have pulled pork, beef tips, steak, you name it. If it goes on a grill it's probably on their menu.

4.) All About The Barbecue and More (Miz. Dee's Next Generation) in Yakima

Loved by many in the Valley it's earned its spot on this list. Open Thursday thru Sunday Miz Dee's has some of the best Barbecue in the valley, slowly cooked, seasoned to perfection and every bite is better than the last. If you haven't been here you may have found your new favorite spot.

3.) Kim's Got Smoke BBQ in Yakima on Rudkin

Some of the best Barbecue places are on wheels, that's right Kim's Got Smoke BBQ is a mobile food truck but with a bit of a twist, they use an RV camper and an old ambulance to haul their smokers. They have some of the most delicious barbacue I've tasted in the Valley yet, the meat is moist, tender, seasoned and you dont' even need the barbacue sauce.

2.) Caveman Kitchen in Kent

This place has been around since 1971 when my mom was a kid, I remember the first time we went there, it was my first time in a real barbecue kitchen. The food is almost endless with a huge menu for you to choose from, everything is made fresh and everyone is loaded with the fixi'ns

1.) Smokey's Bar-be-cue in Cle Elum

Smokey's Bar-Ba-Cue offers award winning meat's slow cooked to perfection.This place does Bbq right, offering sandwiches, whole meats, and more dishes served up hot and fresh, they also have their own signature barbecue sauce that's so good you'll probably end up leaving with a few bottles of it.


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