Some consider french fries to be a side dish or even a snack, but true fry lovers know better. If you consider yourself a true french fry connoisseur you've come to the right place, as a big guy I can promise I've nailed down the five best places for french fries in the Yakima Valley.

Granted I could be mistaken and missed one of the best spots for french fries yet, that's where you come in. If I miss a place you think deserves to be on this list then tap the app and send in a message so we can go out and get our hands on some. I mean...update the list.

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5.) Miners Burgers Drive Thru

Do Miners have the hands-down best fries all around, not quite, but something just doesn't beat that nostalgic bite of crinkle-cut fries. With the best bang for your buck, you get a hefty amount of french fries even for their small, more than you'd get at any other fast-food restaurant, and for that reason, alone Miners has made the list at number 5.

4.) Majors Burgers

Majors is another great local fast food spot in the Yakima Valley and one that delivers hot fresh fries. Out of the many times I've been thru Majors burgers I've never gotten cold or old french fries, always hot fresh, and ready to be devoured. It's proof that consistency can triumph over quality especially when the fries here have both.

3.) Main Stop On The Ave

Main Stop on the Ave is a go-to for many locals in Yakima, for good reason, the food is always made with fresh ingredients, you can grab a burger, chicken sandwich or a steak, there are plenty of choices but of course, our favorite one is the fries, long cut always fresh and hot and made to order.

2.) 2nd Street Grill

Talk about variety, you can find yourself a chicken fried steak, chicken and waffle sandwiches, stir fry bowls and of course your cheeseburger with fries. Of course, you can get fries with about anything on the menu, and here are some of the freshest we've found, it's like they have their own potato farm back in the kitchen. We're almost convinced pringles stole their trademarked phrase, "you can't stop at just one" because it's easier than you think to get an extra order of fries here...or six.

1.) Cowichie Canyon Kitichen

The first restaurant we ever tried after moving here and still our all-time favorite, nothing has come close to beating their french fries and that's saying something. Made as shoe string cut fries their thin and always crispy. Even being from the west side of Washington I can say there's not one place over there that beats out Cowichies.

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