The heat has been crazy and everyone is looking for a way to cool off, what if I told you we found 5 places to do that and for cheap? No, we're not talking about Walmart's air conditioning, we're talking Milkshakes.

Yakima has some fantastic restaurants but they also have even better milkshakes. We'll tell you about our five favorite spots and our favorite milkshake they have to offer. Check out the list below and let us know if you think we missed a place.

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5.) ICY TAI 

Icy Tai is located on Summit view, not only do they do amazingly delicious ice cream but they also do some awesome smoothies and of course, milkshakes. Everything is made fresh including the ice cream. They make it fresh in front of you which gives it the perfect thickness and consistency. It'll also cool you right off.

4.) Majors Burgers

Majors has a lot to offer on its menu, but even more delicious on a hot day is a frozen milkshake. The varieties seem to be endless with every flavor in the book on the menu. However, our favorite is the hot fudge sundae shake!

3.) Arctic Circle 

The Arctic circle is an easy choice to go check out your favorite flavor of shakes. They offer many to choose from and special seasonal ones they bring back for the summer including the raspberry shake made with real ice cream and small chunks of raspberries. Or you can go old school with a moose tracks shake, chunks of fudge, and mini peanut butter cups!

2.) Miners Drive-In

Miners not only have huge burgers, fries, salads, and hot dogs, but they also have giant shakes! With plenty to mix and match it's easy to find your new favorite here. They also take a few liberties while creating their shakes making new and exciting creations like the Marshmallow shake, cinnamon shake, coffee shake, and our favorite snickers Milkshake!

1.) Peppermint stick Drive-In

Peppermint stick Drive-in does it right, using real ice cream for their shakes so they're thick and tasty. They also have a wide variety of shakes but some you may not of have thought of before like Cherry, pineapple, and coffee. Our go-to is a chocolate banana shake, what's yours?

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