When you were younger, someone likely planned your birthday parties for you. They got the cake, decorations and party favors and provided a fun setting for your big day.

Now that you are older, you might find that no one is thinking about your birthday as much as you are. There might come a birthday when no one even remembers! (Gasp!)

Instead of waiting around for people to throw you a birthday party, might I suggest that you do it all yourself this year? If you want your family or friends to throw you a party, tell them so, point blank tonight at dinner.

No more beating around the bush or pussyfooting around. Time waits for no one. That will do the trick!

Take charge this year and grab this b-day of yours by the [REDACTED]!

Here are some ideas of places to throw your OWN adult birthday party this year:
Glow in the Dark Bowling
Miniature Golf
Bingo Hall
Dancing at the club
Wine Tasting/Beer Flight at a winery/brewery

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