I hate to sound like an old man but, in my day, we'd have to hustle for our Halloween candy. Now a days it's becoming more and more common for kids to be dumped off to trick-or-treating neighborhoods. Sure, many houses take part in the trick-or-treating portion of Halloween, but some neighborhoods go all out. Here's a few choice neighborhoods to consider.

Yakima Avenue
I'm not talking about downtown Yakima avenue, but the Barge-Lincoln area. People come from all over to get in on some of this. I have a friend who lives in that area. He says he easily goes through thousands of pieces of candy each year. There are times when he just stands there on his porch with the candy because the stream of trick-or-treaters was so steady he didn't have time to close the door.

The Tancara area off 56th and Tieton Drive is great because it's walled off so your kids are more safe here when it comes to crossing the street as needed. The neighbors are very nice, too.

Like, the entire town of Moxee. These guys do it big with 4th of July and just about anything else. The new developments still being constructed on the daily is home to some of the coolest people you'll meet. It's worth checking out if you're in East Valley.

Stores and Businesses
Many stores have candy at the front counter if people happen to come in, which they do as I learned when I worked in retail. Some people can't wait to show off their costumes. Maybe hit up a few along the way.

Truck or Treat locations

Many organizations like churches and police departments up and down the valley do truck to treats, too. The church in West Valley traditionally does this every year as we as many others. Might be worth looking into. Best of all, these usually happen earlier in the day so you can do these, then go off and do your traditional trick-or-treating.

If you have more, put them in the comments below.

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