Gotta love good info and Yakima Pediatrics has it in droves. From helpful tips and tricks on the difference between a sports physical and wellness check to now focusing on feeding these brand-new babies.

I have no children of my own so I can't imagine what it's like to breastfeed ... I have heard horror stories of things I won't repeat, but I digress, because honestly there is professional I brought in to cover the most important information a new mama is in need of.

Know you are not alone and there are tons of classes and trainings to participate in

If you are a working mom attempting to balance your breastfeeding schedule CLICK HERE

Virginia Mason Memorial came to play with tons of upcoming classes for the community CLICK HERE

Now I might piss off a few people right now, but I believe once I breastfeed I will make a point to cover up when out and about. To each their own and I know my opinion is unpopular, but cover your ish. You wanna go around flashing your boobs do it at home.

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Have I offended you yet? Why? Why am I wrong to say that covering up is a problem? As a woman I have every right to state what I would do as a mother. Side note: I rarely go out without a bra because I feel uncomfortable. Again, this is my choice and for those who go braless more power to you. You want to go braless and shirtless, now I have to say something.

I don't understand women who are fighting for equal rights like, "I don't have to wear a bra or even a shirt out and about" Um, yeah ya do. Just like taking your boob out to feed your child. Congratulations, you have created another human being. Incredible. I love that you have chosen to feed your baby with the milk your body makes but no need to show off your engorged boob if you don't have to. Please keep reading. Please.

Now I will probably eat my words once I have a child. They will hurt because I need to pump and I will probably end up spraying some a** hat in the face with my milk when they pop off at me to cover up. But for now, with my non-baby-wrecked boobs intact. I stand my ground.

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