Did you know that left-handed people tend to live shorter lives?

Apparently, we struggle just a touch with attention to detail and can on occasion plummet to our death, drive off the road or insert wild left-handed stories here. We are so into creating that we can get distracted, to our detriment, but you love us all the same, right?

My husband says we do it wrong. Writing and the whole bit. I say, "No way! Why would my body want to do this if it wasn't right? I may be different but I certainly am not wrong and neither are you."

Real talk though, there are some items that would make my left-handed life a bit easier so if you know of someone who is also left-handed, hook em up and reap the benefits of loving someone who is oh so special!


We hold them at weird angles and they tend to hurt after a while, splurge and get yourself left-handed ones

Spiral Notebook

If you aren't aware left-handers make a total mess while writing due to the way we position our arm and hand on the page. Pen streaks down the side of the hand and smeared letters happen all the time. It's especially uncomfortable when we are working with a three-ringed binder or spiral notebook, they actually have pads that carry the spiral on the opposite side!

Garden Shears

For the green thumber in your life. It doesn't matter if you think we are doing it wrong, we're not changing and a thoughtful gift like this is a BIG deal. So just do it, ok?

Cooking Utensils

It might sound gimmicky but TOTALLY would LOVE to have cooking utensils that allow things to naturally move the way I move. Don't hate, participate

Computer Mouse

It can get awkward while working but it doesn't have to!

Coffee Mug

Yes, you can switch the handle to fit in your hand but this is specifically made for the left-handed love of your life. They are worth it!


Working in bed is SO much nicer with a portable desk but after a bit, my wrists start hurting, I bet they wouldn't as much with this fancy left-handed desk. Just a touch more room on the left for the win!

Left-Handed Celebrities

Goosebumps and other bodily reactions, explained

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