TikTok is pretty awesome and if you don't have your own account just know there is something for everyone. I went hard down the Christmas Crafting TikTok wormhole, a lot of the crafts are more fun to watch than actually create but there was one unique craft I finally decided to attempt mini-holiday beanies by TikTok artist @sarahliw. Sarah with an H so you know it's going to be good!

What will you need to make these adorable little beanies?

  • empty paper towel roll or empty toilet paper rolls
  • notebook
  • scissors
  • yarn in the colors you like
  • cotton balls
  • glue or a hot glue gun (optional)

Check out my first attempt, fail!

Sarah Johnson
the wrong way

I didn't refer back to the video and just went off what I could remember. At first, I blamed the fact that I'm left-handed on why it looked wonky but I knew there was more to it so I decided to reference back to the video, and sure enough I was making it harder than it had to be! With a simple fix, I was off and running

Sarah Johnson
the right way

If you are already going to be taking some downtime and watching Christmas movies this the perfect project to keep your hands busy. It is slightly addicting I will warn you, but also good to keep you from wanting to fill your hands with snacks or cigarettes or a drink. No judging, I had a seven and seven while making some and it was the best. To each their own but I will be going back for white yarn because I just LOVE how all these are turning out.

Christmas Beanie Craft

Show me your crafts and I will add them to the gallery. My sister-in-law's Mom has been making these awesome Grinch signs and my husband actually asked for a custom order, she delivered it today! Ahhhh!

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Sarah Johnson
made by Tami Mozingo Adams
  • You can mark it or just freehand but be careful if your cut is all wobbly the beanie edge will be too, easy to fix with a little trim
    You can mark it or just freehand but be careful if your cut is all wobbly the beanie edge will be too, easy to fix with a little trim

    Grab an empty paper towel roll

    You can use a paper towel roll or I would suppose even a toilet paper roll so start saving them. Then pinch the middle to make it easier to cut into strips. Careful to make them even all around, if you get wonky the yarn won't help cover that up but it's pretty easy to snip off the edges so it's nice and smooth all the way around

  • Look how many beanies I can make with all these
    Look how many beanies I can make with all these

    Sliced paper towel roll

    Like knitting, once you get in a rhythm these are hard to stop making so it's not a bad idea to get all your rolls cut and ready to go

  • Strips of yarn
    Strips of yarn

    Cutting your yarn

    At first, I used the long side of the notebook, don't do that, too much yarn, then I started using my phone to wrap the yarn around, that worked great as well. You could even use a cd case to provide you with evenly cut strips

  • fold your yard in half
    fold your yard in half

    How to proceed with the beanie

    Take your yarn and fold it in half

  • pinch the yard together
    pinch the yard together

    Create a loop with the yarn

    Make sure both sides of the yarn are even and take the top bend and create a loop

  • make the loop and put it under
    make the loop and put it under

    Take the loop and grab your paper towel roll

    Now it's time to start working the magic. Take the loop and press it on the inside of the toilet paper roll

  • insert through the loop
    insert through the loop

    Ready for the magic part

    Now take the two ends of the yarn and wrap them through the loop, passing over the toiler paper roll

  • so simple yet effective
    so simple yet effective

    The pull and slide

    Now you just need to pull the strings to tighten against the paper towel roll and slide tight against the others you have already created

  • Getting closer and closer
    Getting closer and closer

    Cover the toilet paper roll

    We are getting so close and these next few steps will transform this troll doll looking headpiece into a mini beanie

  • flipping the beanie yarn
    flipping the beanie yarn

    Flip the yarn through the toilet paper loop

    To create that cute little beanie edge you'll need to take all the yarn and pull it through the inside of the toilet paper loop

  • a mini beanie in the making
    a mini beanie in the making

    I just flipped the yarn

    We are getting so close to the finished product. For some of these I was getting so excited I forgot to push the yarn through and it really does make a cool beanie edge so if you can help it, try not skipping this step

  • use cotton balls
    use cotton balls

    This is where the cotton ball comes in

    I used two cotton balls to get a nice round top, don't glue them in just yet, you'll need to tie off the top

  • trim the beanie
    trim the beanie

    Tie and trim your mini beanie

    This is one of the most fun parts because you get to see all your hard work pay off. Just tie off the top and trim the ball a bit and boom!

  • finished beanie
    finished beanie

    The finished product

    Isn't it just the cutest thing you have ever seen?

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