I am a huge fan of repurposing things and lately have been so content collecting dried flower petals and herbs in little bottles for projects like creating stuff with resin and I don't even know yet. My heart skipped a beat the other day while I was on Instagram so before you freak out and accuse me of something dark, hear me out.

I grew up very sheltered, a pastor's daughter so talk of witches or wanting to dress up like a vampire was out of the question. Side note, Mom let me dress up like a bat, a DIY Halloween costume at its finest, I'll have to find a photo for proof. Even my music was controlled, I had such a crush on Gavin Rossdale, and after a trip to purchase my first cd at the mall, Bush, it was taken away because of the lyrics. Eh, look at me now a DJ so it doesn't matter what happens, your life path will happen so enjoy the journey :)

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Either way, the point is, I always hid a few passions connected to nature that I have had. I gain energy from crafting and sending out my wants and prayers into the universe for myself and those around me, including my listeners so making an ice candle holder that has been made by people for centuries sounded like a magical experience I wanted to try for myself and now you can too!

Making Your Own Ice Candle Holder

You'll need two cups, one bigger than the other to fill with water and I was super lucky because I didn't think about the fact that plastic expands when it freezes so the measuring cup I used cracked but not enough to have liquid seep out, whew!

You'll also want to pick herbs or flowers that you can decorate your candle holder with. I accidentally ripped open a tea bag so I've been saving it for something...didn't realize it was going to be this, it ended up turning my candle holder an amazing shade of pink.

If you own crystals or special stones you can add those to your middle cup to keep it weighted down and if you happen to have pine branches or fresh herbs you can use those layered at the bottom to help prop up your middle cup so it doesn't touch the bottom and the candle freezes with a thicker base.

You can light the candle and just enjoy the gorgeous glow or recite any type of prayer or hope you want. There is no shame in creating something unique and beautiful but I will warn you please don't leave your candle holder lit and unsupervised, the lavender I used smelled delicious but it also catches fire and I would hate for you to burn something down while you are creating this.

Hope you enjoy a little crafting with yourself or the family and send me photos of what you come up with!

DIY Ice Candle Holder

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