Dear Lord the heat is on!

We've discussed what we're running our air conditioners at and this weekend I discovered a SUPER simple way to keep your pet's outside bowl cool! Use the lid of a cooler :)

Make sure you are watering early in the morning and again late in the evening if you've noticed your flowers or pumpkin leaves are wilting. The hanging baskets are LOVING four-a-day waterings and my eyes, when I can stand the heat outside are taking in all the beauty but that wasn't the only thing I tried this weekend!

All Hail the Incredible Grape!

I've seen a few TikTok's showing off the different uses for grapes and now that it's hotter than ever I had to try the frozen tricks and you should too!

  1. If you already have grapes, run them under water and wash if they aren't already had that handled. Take a sealable and freezable container or zip lock bag and throw your wet grapes in the bag and cover them with your favorite flavor of jello powder. Enough to cover, shake it really good, and pop it in the freezer for a few hours. Out pops delicious and frozen grapes that taste like your favorite flavors and cool you off!
  2. Take your frozen grape covered in your favorite flavors or plain and add in some crystal light in your favorite flavor powder with milk, coconut milk, or even orange juice and blend until it's like sorbet! Careful, it's so good it could give you a brain freeze

You could use watermelon and pop it on sticks into the freezer and outcomes fruit popsicles or my all-time favorite memory growing up was homemade creamsicle. Orange juice and vanilla ice cream. Dangerously delicious and the perfect way to cool off!

Frozen Grapes and More Treats


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