A new study was done around the United States, showing the most dangerous cities in each state to drive. Tragedy can strike at any moment on the road, but most accidents can be prevented with safe and responsible driving.

Washington State has seen its fair share of vehicle accidents, but it's been coined one of the worst states for dangerous driving in the country. Taking a deeper dive we can actually see the top five cities with the highest rates of accidents and sadly deaths due to motor vehicle accidents.

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To ensure the correct numbers in this study scientists used the numbers of fatalities,  DUI caused accidents, Distracted Driving, and the teen caused accidents. The outcome did show a different ranking than before since it's included new problems such as texting and driving and many newfound reasons to cause accidents on the road.

6.) Yakima

Yakima didn't break the top five but it's still sitting in the top 6 of Washington State, being from Yakima it's concerning but seeing the way some vehicles take the liberty, ignore road laws it sadly doesn't come as a shock it's so high up on the list.

5.)  Kent

Kent making this list wasn't a surprise not even to the people of Kent Washington. They've been dealing with reckless driving and dangerous driving for years, with many roads that are too narrow and speeds too high it makes sense it's on this list.

4.) Everett

In a city where everyone's always moving it's scary to think it's in the top 4 most dangerous cities to drive in Washington State. Yet, to give it the benefit of the doubt it is one of the larger cities in Washington and could play a large factor in its placement.

3.) Vancouver

The city bordering Portland is unlucky enough to come in at number 3 on our list, with many found reasonings the numbers don't lie, the total number of accidents, deaths, and injuries toll in the thousands.

2.) Tacoma

Considered to be the second big city in Washington, (We know it's not.) it's certainly one of the busiest. Tacoma's crime rate is already extraordinarily high as we've seen in the top 5 most dangerous cities in Washington, go figure that a good amount of that danger is found in the tragedy of vehicle accidents.

1.) Seattle

Without a doubt the busiest City in Washington, along with city streets that feel more like a maze than a route to your destination. It can be both frustrating and aggravating to get lost in Seattle, people begin to drive erratically and find themselves doing more harm than they would have if they just pulled over. Along with the other issues in Seattle, high crime, and inflation, we can now add horrible driving to the top of the list.

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