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What's the craziest neighbor story you've got?

You all delivered and the submissions are still trickling in. Message us reading these stories triggers your memories, the good, the bad, and the ugly!

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That Time the Neighbor Got Drunk

Raelynn W says, "One time, my neighbor got drunk and drove through the front of my house. True story. We no longer live there"

The Neighbor Everyone Hopes to Have

Becky T says, "I had one neighbor plant the side of my house, which was a couple of feet from his driveway and facing his house, with all kinds of beautiful flowers then maintain them, every year from the time he moved in until I sold the house, so about ten years. The neighbor on the other side always plated me up a big feast, whenever they BBQd or made pozole. I had GREAT neighbors!!"

That Time You Learned Why When Asked to Clean Your Room You Do It

Jason R says, "I'm that neighbor, the kid who got a butt chewing for not cleaning his room and the neighbor's kids heard me from over the fence and started to clean their rooms. Our neighbor was thankful lol."

The Catfisher

Tiphani F says, "I had an upstairs neighbor who would sit out on her porch and straight catfish guys saying she weighed 130 single no kids... Meanwhile during the day we heard the kid run and her screaming at him, "shut the f*** up & omfg I hate u, I wish I never had u" I took my broom and banged on the ceiling and she would bang back quite funny

That Time the Neighbor Robbed You

John C says, "My neighbor robbed me while I was out of town and my ex was at her parent's house! They broke in using a pie spatula"

That Time Involving Lawn Poo and Not from a Dog

Jennifer R says, "One of my neighbors started sleeping with my other neighbors husband huge fight happened, so much drama...husband leaves wife for new chic and one night I'm up really late and I hear a noise...I look out my window and watch the wife sneak over to the other house and crap in front of the door...I couldn't believe it but thought good for you... anyways more happened but that was the most shocking"

The One Neighbor That Made Weird Sounds at Night

Naomi A says "We had a neighbor who lived above us in an apartment complex. She never talked to anyone. But at night we would hear dragging sounds from her apartment. It was creepy. We were sure she had bodies up there lol."

The One Where the Neighbors Light Fireworks All the Time

Briana B says, "BRO I had neighbors who would light off fireworks in their yard, which also happened to be right in front of my bedroom window. At night. Not once was it actually on a holiday.

The One Where the Dog Knew What Was Up

Jenifer G says, "Have a dog. Barks when someone knocks, pretty good girl. I take her out never barked at anyone while doing her business except at 1 guy. Whenever I would take her out and she saw this guy, she would want to lunge at him, nonstop barking, and stand on her hind legs. Turned out he likes young kids, if you know what I mean!! The crazy part, he still lives there because COVID they can't evict anyone even though he's not on the lease!!"

The One with the Dog Tattle Talers

Katt K says, "Our dog started wandering toward the neighbor once because their dogs were barking, called him back and thought nothing of it. Neighbors texted my roommates about how our vicious dog "charged" at him. Weeks later different neighbors' kids were outside and asked to see the dog so my roommate and the kid's parents watched as the kids and dog played; the complaining neighbor texted my roommate about how "I just saw your dog chasing kids down the street you need to control your animal". Yesterday I was pet sitting for my roommates and had their dogs in the front yard playing fetch (complaining neighbor is behind us) and hear him say something about how "they're out loose again". We had to put cameras up because this neighbor says he's going to "take care of" the "problem". It should be noted the dog he is complaining about is a show dog with a canine good citizen award who spends most of the day in my roommates' shop. Neighbor, on the other hand, has had his dogs fight and literally kill each other while he was at work, but sure our dogs are sooooo vicious...

The Neighbor Who Knows When the Virgin Mary Was Born

Abbi P says, "My neighbor told me that he was the second coming of Christ. That it was prophesied that the second coming would come out of Othello, WA, on the 2,000 anniversary of the virgin Mary's birth"

The Neighbor Who Sent Noodles too, "Deal with it"

Shannon N says, "So we lived in an apartment building and our upstairs neighbor was a hooker. She would bring different men over and all hours of the night be screaming, not sure exactly what it was but something they had would legit vibrate the entire wall down into my apartment. One day I got super upset and hit the ceiling with a broom and this lady sends down (I **** you not) a 5' guy named Noodles to come "deal" with me. I stepped out of my apartment and told the guy to bring it. Another guy on the stairs yells "she's probably got bigger balls than you." Noodles apparently decided he was right cuz he backed off and went back upstairs. We had daily issues with this particular neighbor, but this incident definitely is one I won't forget anytime soon."

What's that Strange Smell Coming from The Neighbors House?

Kelsey P says, "We were smelling something weird back behind our fence....kept lingering for awhile. They weren't clean people - had a bum living in a tent etc at times and this was off 30th and Nob Hill! Anyways - We called many times about disturbances etc. Well, we were getting ready to put our house up for sale - the smell was still there - was most likely a dead animal or something...knew I had to get hold of someone that would actually take care of something. Called code enforcement because of all the garbage and smell. Took them a week or so to finally get over there - but things were done finally and stuff got cleaned up. Got a call from the code enforcement letting me know that everything was cleaned up and should be good to go. The man living there had DIED and was in the house for weeks. In JULY. My phone call got him found. I had goosebumps cover my body instantly and gagged.... and then I felt so sad that no one had found him for so long! Definitely an interesting turn of events

The Neighbor with Interesting Lawn Habits

Patricia R says, "neighbors mowing their lawn is the same spot for like 10 minutes and using the lawnmower to cut a rose bush then using a broom and dustpan to clean up the grass and also using a bucket of water"

The Neighbor Who Wanted to Act Tough

Reyann O says, "My cousin got into a fight with the neighbor kid they were both around 13 yrs old at the time... That night the kid's dad came over with a metal bar banging it around on the cement yelling for my 16 yr old brother to come outside and fight him and when my brother went outside the neighbor ran to his porch and called the cops saying my brother was trying to attack him"

That Neighbor That's Convinced the Government is Out to Get Them

Elizabeth G says, "My neighbor says there are helicopters that are dropping trees sap on her car and that the government is watching her... And the yellow stains on her lawn are from them dropping harsh chemicals"

The Neighbor That HATES Your Yard Maintenance 

Leah W says, "We just had our neighbors call 911 yesterday on us because our sprinkler water touched their yard"

The Neighbor Who Misunderstood But Wouldn't Let It Go

Maria  A says, "I had my neighbor call the cops and said my boyfriend was hitting me which was not true, but three different times in the same night."

Oh Those Neighbors

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