Tattoos are forever and in my parents words, "probably getting a tiny rose is ok but much better than a piercing." Really? They are so permanent! That's why I waited until the tender age of 32 to get my first one!

Sarah J's Tattoo

Do you have any tattoos and I guess the REALLY big question is do you have any tattoos honoring your favorite musician or band? Because I've got this fan of Shawn Mendes over here, Elizabeth who has been "holding on" for over two years to get a tattoo of the words Hold On written in his hand writing, and it worked! I think the tattoo is going to be super classy and in my humble opinion MUCH better than her first tattoo paying tribute to the band  5 Seconds of Summer with a tattoo on THE INSIDE OF HER bottom lip with the song title Youngblood!

Wow! Now that is commitment. Are you ready to be that kind of super fan OR are you already there?

CLICK HERE for the full story and some pretty awesome photos!

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