Say It Ain’t So: Teeth Tattoos Are Still A Thing
Online blogger, Jezebel, reports that tattooed teeth are making a comeback. Ugh.
I guess since I've never seen it up close and in person, I can't really sit here and be all judgemental about it. But really? Tattooes on your TEETH?
An excerpt from the online article states: "Tatteet…
Lindsay Lohan Gets New Tattoo [PHOTOS]
Lindsay Lohan has always been about cool accessories, like Chanel cuffs or her house arrest ankle bracelet. Now she has gotten another accoutrement, this time in the form of a new tattoo that might not be new.
Miley Cyrus Tattoo
In, what could be the oddest tattoo I've seen in a long time, I present this very anime-looking Miley Cyrus tattoo that someone just received on their flesh for the rest of their life.
Justin Bieber Gets a New Tattoo
Everyone was so busy checking out Justin Bieber's bum when he lost his pants onstage earlier this week that it took a while for people to notice that he also got a new tattoo!

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