I LOVE being on social media.

Rik Mikals

Scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are my top three.

It's a great place to connect, support and tease people but do you have the 411 on 211?

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Any type of issue you are experiencing

  • not being able to pay your rent
  • dealing with Covid-19 symptoms and wanting to know where to get tested
  • you've tested positive and need help with groceries
  • having issues with your partner
  • not getting along with your parents
  • Want to scream?
  • Find a spot to vent.
  • Know you are drinking too much and need to start attending virtual meetings
  • You have a friend who is hooked on drugs and is need of resources
  • You homeless and hungry
  • You need clothes for your baby
  • You are running out of medication
  • Your Grandparents are needing assistance
  • You want to donate or volunteer

You are not alone and anyone anywhere can get help at the touch of a button like all 50 states and even into Canada.

21 years ago the FCC reserved the telephone numbers 211 for community information and referral services.

a critical connection between individuals and families in need and the appropriate community-based organizations and government agencies

Whatever is going on in your life that is causing you stress, stopping you from doing what you need to do or weighing on you, get rid of it by calling 211 and finding the outlet created to connect and help.

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