I hear and see a lot of people drag Washington State but after viewing the below trips to take. Come back and fight me on those negative thoughts. Sometimes you gotta get your butt off the couch and take a road trip to appreciate just how gorgeous Washington State and its hidden gems are.

Colchuck Lake

Located near Leavenworth this is a trail hike they say you will never forget.

Well, it looks absolutely magical, there is a bit of a hike and it's very popular in the summer months. If it's too busy there is an alternative option called Steward Lake.

Grove of the Patriarchs 

This short and sweet hike located inside Mt. Rainier National Park has a suspension bridge and gorgeous teal colored glacier water to enjoy

Tree of Life aka Root Tree Cave

This magical tree has all of it's roots exposed but yet still has a gorgeous green top. It's located near Kalolach Lodge in Olympic National Park.

Hoh Rainforest

Hoh Rainforest even in the rain is a gorgeous spot to take in mother nature. It features trails like Hall of Mosses and and Spruce Nature Trail right near the same spot as Kalolach Lodge.


Paradise, Washington is located at the southside of Mount Rainier National Park and features Paradise Inn, waterfalls, bridges and wildlife.

Deception Pass

It's said to be Washington States most visited park, with a beautiful path underneath the bridge. Located near Widbey Island and Skagit Bay.

Deception Pass

That's it for this week. Next Friday I'll post another list of amazing spots to get out and see. Have a happy and safe weekend everyone



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