What an incredibly awesome valley we live in. Not only do we get four distinct seasons, handle a large portion of hops, beer and wine for the country but we also have Shawn Niles aka Fat Pastor as one of our local residents.

I reached out to Shawn back when he competed on Gordan Ramseys tv show Master Chef and have been impressed ever since. Shawn might not have gotten Gordan's Chef coat but the path he's chosen after that adventure has allowed him some fantastic experiences that he's been open to sharing on-air every once and awhile.

Shawn created Urban Kitchen, a non-profit that teaches our local youth the beauty of not only cooking but what it takes to prepare the entire restaurant service from beginning to end. Each child receives their own set of knives and after they graduate the community gets to partake in the feast, for a fee, that goes right back into supporting the next class.

When is his next pop up?

On top of that Shawn just returned from the World Food Competition, four points from first place, amazing job by the way. While competing he caught the eye of the owner of the event and on-air broke the news that his upcoming Northwest Burger Jam (June 13th, 2020) will involve a Golden Ticket to the next World Food Competition. So start prepping because we are just getting started.

Gosh, now I am SO hungry. Let's eat ;)

Shawn Niles aka The Fat Pastor
Shawn Niles aka The Fat Pastor


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